T32 Targeting Tumor Cell Biology Program – Alumni

Where do our trainees supported by the T32 Targeting Tumor Cell Biology program go after their training period ends?  Looking at trainees supported by our training grant over the past ten years, the majority of our trainees (64%) are in research-related careers, with positions as Assistant and Associate Professors at academic institutions across the world. Our other trainees are involved in technology transfer, research at biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and scientific writing and editing (20%).  A small portion of trainees are undertaking further training in the laboratory (7%), and a final 9% of trainees are pursuing alternative careers such as high school teaching.

10 year trainee piechart

Johann is a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Dr. Jean Zhao at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, currently supported by a Komen Foundation postdoctoral fellowship. He earned his Ph.D in 2012 from Boston University. Johann’s research is focused on triple-negative breast cancer, and the role of PI3K activity. In triple-negative tumors, 30% have lost PTEN expression resulting in aberrant PI3K activity. He is using a genetically engineered mouse model to develop novel therapeutics to combine with existing p110β inhibitors for treatment of PTEN-null tumors.