CCBM Events and Training Sessions

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Date Activity Activity Category
1/20/22 CCBM Directors’ Career Symposium – Mentoring Workshop Program Activity; Training Curriculum (Career Development)
12/13/21 Virtual EAB/TOC Meeting Program Oversight and Evaluation
12/02/21 CCBM Directors’ Career Symposium – Career Panel Discussion Program Activity; Training Curriculum (Career Development)
10/12/21 CCBM 2021 Retreat Program Activity
6/29/21 “To Tweet or Not to Tweet: Social Media 101 for Scientists.” by Milka Kostic (CCBM Training Curriculum Director) Presentation to SHURP Program; URM Recruitment
6/4/21 “The role of STAT3 in Inflammatory Breast Cancer and Chemotherapy Resistance.” by Laura Stevens (trainee in Polyak lab) Cancer Biology Seminar: Trainee Presentation
5/24/21 Science Minisymposium – Presentations by Trainees Trainee Administrative Event and Trainee Presentation
5/11/21 New Trainees Orientation and On-boarding  Meeting Trainee Administrative Event
4/29/21 Lunch’N Learn with Milka Kostic on Peer Review Training Curriculum (Career Development)
3/24/21 “Small Molecule Drug Discovery.” by Sara Buhrlage (mentor) Training Curriculum (Technologies)
2/26/21 “Introduction to Targeted Protein Degradation.” by Eric Fischer (mentor) Training Curriculum (Emerging Concepts)
2/9/21 “Using the Science of Effective Mentorship to Optimize Your Mentoring Practice.” by Christine Pfund, NRMN Mentor Training
2/4/21 “Cancer Dependency Map.” by Phil Montgomery, Broad Institute Training Curriculum (Technologies)
12/16/20 Introduction to the Redoxome.” by Ed Chouchani (mentor) Training Curriculum (Emerging Concepts)
10/7/20 “Navigating Careers in the Life Sciences in Times of Uncertainty.” Organized by Milka Kostic. Roz Segal (mentor) participated Training Curriculum (Career Development)
9/29/20 CCBM 2020 Retreat Program Activity
9/23/20 Virtual EAB/TOC Meeting Program Oversight and Evaluation
6/10/20 “Mentoring: An Essential Component of Good Scientific Training.” by Roz Segal (mentor) Training Curriculum (RCR)
5/21/20 “Metabolomics Strategies for Understanding Biology and Human Disease.” by Tobias Fuhrer Training Curriculum (Emerging Concepts)
4/27/20 “Introduction to Applying for Grants and Fellowship.” by  CCBM co- Director, Nika Danial Training Curriculum (Career Development)
3/26/20 Introduction to the IDP for New Trainees Trainee Administrative Event
1/27/20 Journal Club on Cancer Target Invalidation (2017 MELK papers) Training Curriculum (Emerging Concepts)
1/16/20 “Genetic Approaches to Improve the Characterization of Anti-Cancer Drugs.” by Jason Sheltzer Training Curriculum (Emerging Concepts)
12/2/19 “Meet and Greet” for New Trainees Training Curriculum (Career Development) and Trainee Administrative Event
4/23/19 Introduction to the IDP for New Trainees Trainee Administrative Event